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New Gun Shop in Bay Area 2017

Posted on December 06 2016

One year ago, I never thought we would be here today.

To have a new gun shop in the most liberal place in California. The Bay Area is home to many from all over the world.  

The Bay area culture and diversity is next to none.  There is nothing like this place in the world.  We have a huge economy, a lot of innovations, and technology is born daily here in the Bay Area.  

I was introduced to this business by accident.  I started developing this site for a good friend of mines.  After living in Germany for 2 years, I returned to the states and partnered up with Evan.  Evan and I had worked together before on different projects and he had asked me to build him this website.

After a few months of trying to get sales generated online and frustrated from a lot of failures, we ended taking our business to the gun shows.  I remember our first gun show.  We started of with stun guns, t-shirts, pepper spray, and some tactical gear given to us from one of our vendors. Now, we carry an assortment of products like body armor, complete uppers, parts, and accessories.

Sometimes I wonder how my Nissan rouge fits all the products we have.  I've packed that car to the max.  Check out the pictures. 

packed nissan

Our distributors provides us with over 100 different brands and over 40,000 products to fulfill any gun owners dream.  We want to thank them ahead of time for doing such a great job thus far.  Without them, we couldn't do business in all 50 states.  They got our backs!

It was exciting, new, and a challenge since both of us are sales guys. We took a stab at it, made connections, and continued to work hard on top of our other jobs.  We traveled up and down California as well as over state lines to Nevada and Oregon. 

Now on November 1st, 2016 we signed a leased in Campbell, Ca for our warehouse that included a showroom office. We don't plan to open until after the New Years officially, though many people come through by appointment.  

We will still be at the gun shows, but also having a small ancillary retail front were we can invite agencies and clients to come check out products and services that we provide.

We are still a longs way from fruition and are considering whether or not to apply for an FFL to sell firearms in California.  We currently do not carry firearms or ammo at our location until we make a decision on becoming a full FFL dealer.  

What do you guys think? Should we get an FFL, deal with the ATF? or just keep it with tactical gear, training, parts, and accessories?

Let us know below what you think we should do.  

If you are in the Campbell, Ca area, come check us out at:

544 E.Mcglincy Lane, Suite 1, Campbell, Ca 95008 

Call for appointments first at (408) 691-8312

Open from 9am-6pm PST

-Mikey Le 

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