Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Promo Items

(Ammo Club Members receive an additional discount on top of store wide discounts)

(Ammo Club Members gets to shop the Black Friday Deals on Tuesday 11/23)


10% Storewide! Includes firearms and ammunition!

We have no limits on ammunition purchases! Buy as much as you like.


Standard Glock pistols: $550

Large frame / long slide Glock pistols: $600

M&P Shields: Free box of steel case 9mm ammo

PTR 9MM PCC: $1600 (Save $400)

M&P Sport II $649.00

3 Pack of 17 Design & MFG forged AR15 lowers: $180 (reg price $330)

17 Design & MFG integrated folding AR15 lowers: $200 (save 99$)

Aero X15 lowers: $120

Aero M4E1 lowers: $140

Aero M5 stripped lowers $210

All other lowers 20% off listed prices

Assorted Shotguns $250-350

FD12 Bullpup shotguns: $599 + FREE 00 Buckshot AMMO

Free 00 Buck with any Black Aces Tactical shotgun


Free assorted pocket holsters & Caldwell shooting rest bags. No purchase necessary.